Not Your Regular Political Shit

Ours is Old School, Harder Hitting, and Higher in Trace Minerals.

The Reconstituted Coprolites team are dedicated to providing you with only slightly partisan thought pieces on government, voting, elections, the future, or other topics as we deem interesting.

Like you, if you’re reading this, we’re more than a bit exhausted by the hyper-partisan nature of the 21st Century American Political Process.  We won’t condescend to specific groups, but we may, from time to time, bring out Weapons Grade Snark for Particularly Egregious Stupidity.

For the most part, we want a place to archive our respective Too Long; Didn’t Read social media posts so that we can provide a link to them rather than re-write them and re-type them for the bazillionth time.

So, sit back, take the time to read longer form pieces than you’re used to on the Internet, and go forth as a voter with a bit more thinking and a bit less outrage.  This won’t make us rich (outrage sells ads), but we do appreciate it if you click on the ads from time to time.