While The Media Chastised, America Slept

by Ken Burnside

The National Policy Institute is a (small) group of Neo Nazi “alt right” fanatics who had a small (under 250 person) convention in Washington DC.

Lest anyone claim I’m being “overly harsh” on the National Policy Institute…

Watch this video.

We’re still waiting for a denunciation of this from Trump.  (Personally, I’m counting down the seconds until someone says “The KKK was a Democratic guerrilla group, and this guy is clearly a Clinton plant.  And Killary was worse!”  Because that’s apparently the best way to dodge the endorsement at the beginning of the video.)

Spencer’s conference keynote had an audience of 200 self-professed Aryan Supermen(tm).  While it’s tempting to mock the people in the video, it’s his message I want you to pay close attention to.

It’s a message of grievance-mongering.  It’s a message of “we built this, we did this, they need us more than we need them.”   It’s a message about the “horrible mistreatment” that white people have suffered.

With a skin-color palette swap, it could be a Louis Farrakhan rally.  Except that Farrakhan is a better speaker and draws bigger crowds.

When you pander to racial identity politics, you invite the racists in.  You give them shelter.  You give them legitimacy.

I’m not interested in which political party did it first.  I’m interested in stopping it.

If you want assholes like Robert Spencer to go away, you have to do two things to them:

  1. You have to expose their statements for exactly what they are.  Don’t let them be “secret guilty pleasures.”  Drag them out into the open to remove that air of mystery.
  2. You have to mock them.  Bullies cannot abide people laughing at them.  They want the cheers of the throngs.  They want the validation of people clapping and saluting.  They want to be thought important and feared.  Laughter is the anodyne to being feared.

These are people with such deep rooted insecurity that they have to believe that people with a different skin color are inferior to them to have any meaning in their lives.

I’m not asking you to empathize with these assholes. For the assholes in the video?  Give ’em as much discomfort as you can manage while avoiding personal harm or jail time.

For the rural Midwesterner who’s kind-hearted, gives at their church, and thinks the four nonwhite people they know are OK, but “inner city blacks are dangerous?”  Cut them a bit of slack.  There’s a world of difference between the white supremacists and them.

Fighting racists is up to us.  All of us.  Liberal, conservative, and libertarian.  Every American.  It’s not someone else’s problem.  It’s not something the government will address; the First Amendment means they can’t, and even if they could, governmental action is a clumsy tool.