Protesting and Boycotts as “Economic Terrorism”

Readers in Washington State, read the screen cap at the top of this post.
Doug Erickson can be reached, for comment, at:
(360) 786-7682
P.O. Box 40442
Olympia, WA 98504
Don’t just share this image of the proposed law.
Share his contact information with it.
Then, write an email, or call his staff, and explain that protests involving commerce predate the country (Boston Tea Party), and the purpose of protests are to inconvenience the people to get news coverage for the protesters, and to put pressure on the people implementing the policies the protesters object to.
If you have the time, calling his staff office ties up HIS workday and gets the message across.
Also, if you’re connected into the protesting community in your state, please ask them to refrain from blocking traffic near hospitals, or exits on highways marked “hospital” or “airport.”
Protesting is good and part of our society; younger protesters are likelier to cause property damage than older ones (which is why the Republicans dun Democratic protesters; Republican protesters are older).
Don’t let your protest block ambulances or people trying to get out of the country, please.
And, while you’re at it, don’t antagonize cops at protests; that’s basic common self preservation. a trait that seems to fall to the wayside when the inspiring chants start rolling.