A Dialogue of Compassion: Healing the Personal

by Rob Hansen

This election, someone you know, someone close to you, let you down. Do yourself a favor. Call this person, and say just these words.

“I love you. Period.”

Don’t tell them how they’ve hurt you, or how you’re questioning their judgment. Don’t blame them for the outcome. Just those four words. End the sentence there.

See how they react.

Yes, do this for yourself. Those four words might allow you to holdĀ on to a friendship that matters to you.

Don’t add a fifth word, or a sixth, and for God’s sake, no seventh. You want to say “I love you. Period.” Not, “I love you, but…”. The word “Period” makes it clear there’s no but coming.

They know you disagree with them. They know you feel hurt by their decision. They don’t need you to tell them that.

They need you to tell them you love them.