Leonard Cohen: An Appreciation

By Ken Burnside

It’s…yeah.  2016 can stop, now.

Leonard Cohen has passed away at the age of 82.  He’s the dismal bass bard of irony in the face of despair. When I was a depressive teenager, his music meant a lot to me.  Apparently, for Rob Hansen, he was just as important. Maybe more so.

And in retrospect, his catalog is the soundtrack for this year.

“Everybody knows that the war is over, everybody knows that the good guys lost…”

His latest album, You Want It Darker, is available on YouTube.  It’s…worth a listen.  Like Bowie’s Blackstar, it is, perhaps, more precious for being the last of the man’s insights and stylings we’ll hear.

While it’s unlikely that anyone reading this hasn’t heard of Leonard Cohen’s work…if you’re new to his music, there’s a gracious plenty of it.

Sit back, have something strong to drink and…reminisce in a world where Leonard was a caution to the future, not the gravelly glinting nostalgia of a better past.